The material, size, description of the appearance of the monument. The material for the manufacture of the monument -Concrete. The dimensions of the monument, height - 4 meters in length at its widest point - 1.9 meters, the width at the widest part - 1.9 meters. In terms of sculpture is a stele, expanding from the bottom to the top.
Reflection in the project biographical data Levitan. The project represented a dramatic period in the life of Rumer and the whole country, when Nazi troops were near Moscow and Levitan broadcast from an underground shelter in the city of Sverdlovsk. This point is reflected in the bas-relief on the front of the middle part of the monument, depicting Rumer at work. He sits at a table in front of him reading lamp and microphone, the background is a rough stone masonry.
Reflection in the symbolic meaning of the monument project "Voices of History". The form of the monument resembles the Stalinist skyscraper, as it is, in my opinion the view is one of the main symbols of the era.
Sculpture extends from the bottom to the top, it refers to youthful nickname Levitan "pipe", as well as to the shape of a loudspeaker, from which a lot of people listened to the radio in the streets at the time.
In the upper part of the three figures allegorically portrayed the voice of Levitan. Frontal is the head of a lion roaring. It is a symbol of his loud, booming voice. During the war, Levitan's voice was a real military force to enemies, as inspired confidence in our troops. Not Hitler casually counted Levitan to the enemies of the Reich No. 1.
At the top right of the monument to the second figure, woman with outstretched arms is a symbol of the mother - the motherland, as the voice of Levitan is also the voice of the motherland.
At the top left of the third figure, a woman with an olive branch, a symbol of hope for people in unbearably harsh conditions that they are not alone, that their native land, big and strong, like this voice.
Personal attitude to the role of Levitan in the country's history. As a child, I had a chance to see Rumer Levitan is called "alive" when he came with his memories in Volgograd. In the corner of a huge scene at the table with a lamp, I am a small man. The participants asked each other, "Where Levitan?", Expecting to see a giant. The man behind the desk said, and sounded this extraordinary, booming voice. It was like a miracle. Levitan shared memories, I read out the front-line reports. When he moved to the announcement of the end of the war, in the hall, even the men cried. In his sculpture, I would like to convey this impression: no matter how you size or physical strength, you can do a lot for his country.
Justification of the material and the size of the monument, the rationale for composite solutions. The size of the monument to the maximum height is selected as a major monument corresponds to the track that left Yuri in the history of our country. Small monument to the invisible. If you ask residents of the city of Volgograd, whether there is a monument in their city of Levitan, the vast majority of respondents are very surprised to learn that the monument is located in the heart of the city, it is because he was chosen very small size, the bust of "lost" among the city's architecture. The material (concrete) was chosen based on the fact that he is quite able to pass all the elements of the sculpture, in addition, the body of the monument is a high-rise building and concrete, as the material will look like quite appropriate. I have experience with a sculpture made of concrete. From rain to protect the concrete form of the monument, which has a negative angle, not allowing moisture to stay on the surface. Since the monument has the shape of a tall building, it is logical to make the top pent roof with a slope of 6 degrees. This will delete the top rainwater and melt water without damage to the product. Installation of the monument, it seems to me it would be better if it was oriented to the front of the park and on the street side can be planted trees. This would create a private area for special occasions. However, the trees will not completely obscure the monument, encouraging passers to stop, enter the square and touch history. The monument can be made in the workshop of Vadim Burkovsky.