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I was born and raised in the city, a powerful energy charged past achievements of our ancestors. On my attitude greatly influenced by the city, completely rebuilt after the war, the former, with its neo-classical architecture. Strict building in the city center, clearance Volga-Don canal, the Colossi of Mamaev Kurgan. In addition, I studied classical sculpture and painting in Italy. I began to create sculptures, hoping to understand our history and our position in today's life. To understand why it is so very different our imaginary, ideal world and everyday reality. This dualism is present in my life, the life of the people around me and my work. The classical architecture of my proud Volgograd and plastic malleability Italian masters have formed my own style, sensual and at the same time a strict, disciplined, anatomically accurate. I like to pass through the state of mind of the characters facial expressions and motion transfer. Stone and clay are the materials that I like to use the most, but for creative design I can skillfully use wood, epoxy and acrylic resins, stainless steel, copper, bronze, and titanium nitride. I like to create new methods of processing materials to delight customers with unusual and beautiful works of art. His career, I started with the fact that he painted on wood, but gradually, as the growth of creative plans, was not enough of the third dimension, and I started to create sculpture as sculpture allows itself most fully expressed. In implementing the new ideas I am guided not only their experience, but also try to understand the inner world of the person who orders a sculpture. Many artists believe that the people who are far from art can not offer anything of value. My experience shows that if the person to listen carefully, to help him "open", it can be a source of interesting ideas. I often order a ritual sculpture. The establishment of such work I proceed from the idea that death is not something finite. I was close to the ideas of pantheism, according to which, regardless of religious preference or even without them, the man has a soul, which, parting with the body rushes to a better world. Therefore ritual sculpture, which I bought a bright and sensual.