It's hard to survive when someone dies in a flourishing age. The customer decided to order a sculpture without resemblance, but personifies the quiet sadness of what had happened. According to relatives, the feeling should symbolize the girl with wings and a small bouquet of flowers in her hand. Her face should be sad and focused. A prerequisite of the customer was the color of the monument - white. On the creative board of our workshop, it was decided to make a sculpture in the style of the Italian Renaissance. Sculpture girl with wings, dressed in a light dress, without shoes. A girl sits on a stone with a portrait. Stone mounted on two ladder steps. On the stairs is a stone carpet with a date. The ladder is mounted on a base of granite. The whole composition is under the shelter of stone gazebo (rotons) with columns. All items, sculpture, stone staircase and rotunda were made in our workshop from sketch to realization in the material.

Изготовление памятников со скульптурой в Волгограде.