Открытие памятника милиционеру в Волгограде 
In Volgograd, known as the city - a hero, many of the streets are marked with memorable characters that indicate the historical events that took place here. Not only the Stalingrad battle left notch on the body of the city, marked by obelisks and monuments of glory. In the postwar period was a dangerous policing service. Amnesty in 1953 released a large number of dangerous criminals. The police, while serving in his hometown, were always vigilant and attentive. Andrei Tryaskin, police captain who served 20 years in the police, April 9, 1954, in the tram, to follow in the area Red October, one of the passengers, I found a dangerous criminal. Andrei decided to delay the gunman after he gets out of the public transport that would not endanger the passengers. Following a dangerous criminal a few steps away and contemplating a plan to capture a recidivist, Andrei Dmitrievich was hit in the back with a knife, who stabbed him a second gunman, who noted surveillance. The wound proved fatal, and a few minutes later Andrei Tryaskin died, near the walls of the police department in which he served. Wishing to perpetuate the heroism policeman, after 10 years of street on which there is a tragic event, was named after him. The memory of the heroism of a policeman alive today.
Due to the chief Ministry of Internal Affairs of Volgograd Sitsky Andrei Mikhailovich, his initiative to perpetuate the memory of the hero, May 25, 2016 in the town square Krasnooktyabrskiy district of Volgograd was a monument to Andrei Dmitrievich Tryaskinu.