Workshop offers manufacturing of sculptures. You can order the author's sculpture, or order the production of copies of famous ritual sculptures, which are located on the best cemeteries in Europe. You can, at will, to make changes to the existing sculpture (change posture, clothing, accessories). We can produce figures of angels, mourners men and women saints. Sculpture made of concrete or bronze. Making sculpture custom-design. The cost of the sculpture made of concrete is 120-400 thousand. Rubles, the cost of bronze sculptures from 500 thousand. Rubles.
In addition, you can order the author's work of the sculptor Vadim Burkovsky. Vadim Burkovsky, sculptor and artist who creates sculptures in the city of Volgograd, Moscow and St. Petersburg. His work spans multiple art styles, he makes a sculpture of concrete, bronze and other materials. The focus of his work is a sculpture garden and park and cemetery sculpture. Subjects also different variety of religious subjects, figures of angels and saints, to sculpture, which shows how you can enjoy life. In any case, the sculpture has something to express, for example, to express the connection between people. For the project to take place, you need to find common ground between the customer and the sculptor. Thus develops a harmonious understanding between the patron, the sculptor and the surrounding landscape. When creating a sculpture is important, not just an idea and its embodiment of the plastic, but also high-quality materials used in the production of sculpture.